A Hustle-what???


Hustleberry. Inspired by the notion that the best ideas start out small and can happen fast.

When thinking about blogging, the biggest deterrent for me was the time commitment. I coach some pretty big teams who are building amazing things, and I am constantly reading and learning something that I hope will help me to serve them better. I run a bespoke fashion label that I have had for 16 years, and have very patient, diligent seamstresses who still need me to manage their work, release new lines, and make sure they get paid. I am married to a rock star (not kidding) who travels the world performing his music and giving lectures at universities about the importance of questioning authority and doing what your soul tells you is right even when it is not popular. Most importantly, we also have two children, ages 11 and 15 (update: they’re now 16 and 21 as of 2020!).

When was I going to write about anything that would really be of value to others? Doesn’t that take hours of time?

My poor overwhelmed brain could not handle the thought of yet another claim on my time. I placed an immovable obstacle in front of blogging, telling myself that it was simply not possible for me to give back to my community in that way.

Of course, I eventually realized that I was doing exactly what I coach others out of doing: Making the problem insurmountable because I was failing to view it in an iterative fashion – failing to even start on something big and unknown because I was not willing to break it down.

Where was my hustle? Where was my freakin’ agility??!!

I was eating berries, sitting in a team room, trying to consume something healthy as quickly as possible before moving onto the next thing on my agenda. Looking at my small, quick, healthy, yummy and oh-so-necessary lunch that I had still managed to make time for and enjoy, I realized that I could commit to writing.

Just like my quick little berries, and quick development cycles where we deliver the smallest valuable thing, I could write quick little blogs of value. I could write hustle-berries.

I don’t expect my contributions to Hustleberry.com will be much longer than this introduction, but the plan is to make them count. The goal is to create brief, valuable bites of experience and guidance that you, dear reader, will enjoy. Thank you for reading – now it’s time to DO.

– Rose

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